6 Tips to Save Your Printer Ink Cartridges


You can spend money once to buy a printer. However, you can spend money many times to purchase printer ink cartridges. And for the cost of operating the printer and its maintenance may be excessive. Every time you do a print (although a little), your printer will use ink. But with “6 Tips to Save Your Ink Cartridges Printer“, you might be able to save a lot of ink and use cartridges for longer than usual.

6 Tips to Save Your Printer Ink Cartridges


1Print Only What is Required

Let’s start with economizing. Usually, we end up making unnecessary hard copies and also in the process waste valuable ink. As an example, you might need to print only a small part of a website rather than the entire web page. Rather than merely publishing the whole page, total with its heavy graphics, etc. specify on what you wish to have in paper copy and print just that part.

Text usually uses less ink than the image. If you only need to print the text, then you don’t print the image. If it is a website you require to save in a printed kind, look for its print version. Use the print version feature on the website before you print a web page. If the print version feature is not available, you can copy and paste it in the word document before you print it. And also make sure you check what you are printing before you print it.

2Go with a Print Preview

Most popular printers such as Canon, Brother, HP, Epson, Dell or any other printer insert the print preview feature in their drivers. With a print preview, you can review what you want to print.

The print preview function is very useful for viewing printed versions of a page on the internet. Very often the web display that you will print is different from the appearance of the print version. A print preview can aid to obtain the printout of the product that you especially want.

3Ensure the power is switched off

Equally, as you never switch off your computer without properly shutting it down, the very same policy relates to your printer also. If you don’t shut down the printer effectively, the print head that opens directly into the air can cause ink cartridges to dry in the nozzles which subsequently might impact the top quality of printing adversely. Make it a routine to examine the placement of the print heads before cutting off the power.

4Utilize a good software program

There are various ink saving software options offered online. These software program applications are made to decrease the usage of your printer ink (one example of very useful software from HP is HP Print and Scan Doctor). By using the software, your printing can be optimized. the printouts you get are of high quality with low ink usage.

5Use your printer ink cartridges correctly

if you do not do printing regularly, then you need to run a small print test at least once a week. You need to do this print test to avoid dry ink cartridges. that way, the lifetime of your ink cartridges can be longer.

6Never put your printer in extreme temperatures

Excessive variation in space temperature is terrible for printer ink cartridges. You have to prevent maintaining your printer is also hot or too chilly temperature as the cartridges can dry up. For lasting printer efficiency, ensure the area has a regular and steady temperature level.

With all the important tips above, you can touch the lives of your ink cartridge printer. and the last one always uses official ink in accordance with your printer manufacturer to work optimally while maintaining your printer.


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